ISMC Online Technical Guide

Account details
Please use the login credentials (username and password) sent to you via whatsapp (016-2243400) 3 days before the competition date. Do not sign up for a new account yourself. Only the assigned account we give you will link to the competition.

The online platform
ISMC 2022 is powered by Ylearn ( Go to this website to login for your exam.
1. Go to
2. Type in your username and password (DO NOT CREATE NEW ACCOUNT)
3. Click Log in
4. Click on the assigned test.
5. If you log in before time, you will not see an assigned test. Once it is time, please refresh (Windows: F5; Mac: Command + R) your page – and the assigned test should show.
You can try to start logging in for your tryout only on Wednesday 14 September 2022 onward.

Required device
• A laptop with an integrated webcam, or a desktop with an add-on webcam for the exam
• A good internet connection
*The online exam must run on a laptop or a desktop. It cannot run on tab or handphone.

Best would be Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari. Make sure also that you have the latest version of the browser.

Ylearn don’t’s
• If your device is experiencing a problem, do not login immediately from another device. Opening one ylearn account from more than one device will get you blocked. Log out from the first, only then try logging in from the second.
• After you start the test, do not exit ylearn and go to another app. This will cause your screen to be locked out - and you will be asked to write your reason why you are locked out in order to be able to go back to the exam screen. This reason needs to be of a minimum 8 characters. We will review this, and if we feel we have a valid ground, we will disqualify you.

Webcam and proctoring
During the competition, we will be utilizing Zoom meeting.
The invitation link, meeting ID and passcode for the competition-day Zoom meeting will be sent to you via whatsapp
Invitation link
Meeting ID
• You must turn on your video. Your camera/handphone must be positioned in a way so that it faces the participant's face (chest up).
• You are not allowed to use any virtual background.
• You need to join the audio so that you can hear any announcement made by us. All your audio will be muted when joining the meeting.
• Please rename your Zoom name to your ISMC registered full name.
• Our team of ISMC invigilators will be joining the meeting without video.
• Failure to join this Zoom meeting might result in your disqualification from the competition.

Competition day
• ISMC 2022 'online' is on Saturday 17 September 2022.
• Participants should have joined the Zoom meeting 15 minutes before the exam. Opening remarks and final briefing/announcements will be made starting 5 minutes before the exam.
• Each "paper" has 25 questions: Section A no. 1-10 containing 2 marks each, Section B no. 11-20 containing 4 marks each, and Section C no. 21-25 containing 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 marks respectively - making a total of full score of 100 marks. All questions are "fill-in-the-blank" questions, some have been modified to be multiple-choice-questions to adapt to the online exam nature.
• No penalty (no score deduction) - and thus, we strongly encourage you to answer all questions.
• Calculators are not allowed for P2 to P4. Calculators are allowed for P5 and P6.
• All grades have 90 minutes to complete the exam.

Dry runs (tryouts)
We have scheduled two days of tryouts: Wednesday 14 September 2022 and Thursday 15 September 2022. On each day 1 set of test (same set on the two days). Each test will last for 90 minutes and can be taken once anytime between 7AM to 9PM. All the dry runs are not marked and will not affect your competition results. The purpose of this dry run is: for you to get to adapt to the online environment.
No Zoom is utilized during any of the tryouts.

Leave class button
If you navigate around ylearn, you might find the 'leave class' button. This is a forbidden button. Do NOT click this button. If you click “leave class’, it means you are withdrawing yourself from the competition.

Competition day attire
While it is not compulsory, we encourage the participating students to wear their school uniform. Doing so reminds them about the pride and honour of representing their school, it is massive.

Technical support
If you experience any technical difficulties/problems on the competition day, please send message to 011-65505400, mention your username and your problems. Assistance will be provided through this whatsappp. 

ISMC Online System Guide

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